Client Batavia Stad Outlet Shopping
Year 2023
Services Production and installation on-site
Category Experience

Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet is the first fashion 'outlet' in the Netherlands, located on the Markermeer in Lelystad. The outlet is named after the 1628 ship Batavia, a replica of which is moored nearby, at the Batavia Yard. Unbranded provides Batavia Stad with decor objects to support them with their promotional activities.


Last year Unbranded delivered the following components. Unbranded created a beach house which can be flexibly placed on the grounds to provide support for Batavia Stad's activities. A lovely seating element with lighting allowing guests to rest between visiting the stores and enjoying the weather. And to finish off Unbranded created flag lines stretched between the stores above the visitor area.

Batavaistad 4
Set Design
Production and installation on-site