Client Pon Bicycle Holding
Year 2019
Services Production and Installation on-site
Category Interior

Ride Out is a next-generation bike experience center that provides a stage for a number of upcoming brands of PON. In addition, Ride Out is an ‘experiential’ platform that creates a world of inspiration for passionate cyclists: a place to gather like-minded people and that gives an unique view on the freedom of bicycle mobility. By using the customer journey - for example in landing zones, category zones, attractor Zones, Swapfiets, and social zones - extra value will be created for the clients.

PON Ride Out Amsterdam bike

Riding styles


The experience of Ride Out is divided into three "riding styles"; city-road-mountain. Each brand deals with this in its own way, always with clear navigation and an inspiring look into the future.

PON Ride Out Amsterdam fullwidth

Each zone has its own character and provides a closer look at the identity of the brand. This can be seen from the product quality to decor and materialization.

PON Ride Out Amsterdam
PON Ride Out Amsterdam
The future and sustainability are central, not only at product level, but in the entire philosophy. The interior is a pure reflection of that.
PON Ride Out Amsterdam
PON Ride Out Amsterdam
PON Ride Out Amsterdam
PON Ride Out Amsterdam Video
Production and installation on-site
Building Management