Client Blazhoffski
Year 2021
Services Installation on-site
Category Broadcast

In this new Dutch TV show presented by Edsilia Rombley, there will be a lot of chocolate! During the show, the contestants need to find out which objects are made of chocolate. Unbranded was responsible for the decor, designed by Harald Kassies, which consists of several parts. The counters, the workshops and the three chocolate rooms; everything makes it look like a real chocolate factory.

Showcolade is produced by BlazzHoffski and was broadcasted by Omroep Max.

NATHANREINDS Unbranded Showcolade HR 6
NATHANREINDS Unbranded Showcolade HR 19 min

Game elements

The competition is made up of three rounds, under the leadership of team captains Richard Kemper and Remco Veldhuis. In the first round, the candidates have to guess which of the four subjects is made of chocolate. Of course, there is only one way to find out whether they are right: by tasting it! During the second round, two candidates follow a masterclass from one of the pastry chefs. In the final round, there are three “showcolade rooms” based on several themes, where the candidates have to find the object that is made of chocolate.

NATHANREINDS Unbranded Showcolade HR 10 min
Installation on-site